A Little Bit of Everything

I always believe in variety rather than quantity, therefore, I tried to make every meals as colorful as possible, especially breakfast.

- mini sausages, cherry tomato, scrambled egg, cucumber, banana, homemade apple jam sandwich pockets + striped cheddar cheese

Gribit Gribit

This spinach sliced bread really goes well with ham and cheese. And it's perfect for Charaben.

To make a froggy sandwich
- use a bear-shaped cutter to cut out bread, ham and cheese
- use a straw or a mini round-shaped cutter to cut out cheese for the eyes
- use nori punch to decorate the face

A Very Useful Tool

I got this Fish Container from J-Mama & Baby . Thought it's just a simple container and to my surprise, it can actually be used as a rice mould, cutter, and even a sandwich maker. When I pressed the container onto the bread, it sealed up the sides of my sandwich.

Lion King

Got this idea from the TV programme Jojo's Circus. Hardly see a lion with a Heart-Shaped head, so thought it could be fun to make something similar for tea-break.

Winne the Pooh

I bought some carrot sliced bread last evening and realised the color of the bread actually matches with the color of Winnie the Pooh.
So, I pulled out my Pooh Rice Mould and cut out 2 slices of bread. I usually use this rice mould for Egg Fried Rice and I was surprised that it worked well with bread too.

A Hearty Bear Tea-Break

I usually prepare cookies or biscuits for tea-break, but since I had more time this afternoon, I made  mini-sandwiches instead.
I used a Heart-Shaped cutter for the ham & cheese sandwiches, and decorated them with bears on top.


Hello Kitty Sandwich

Hina likes boyish stuffs, like Trains, Cars, Trucks, Planes etc.
Feel that she should get into her girly side sometimes, so I made a Hello Kitty Sandwich for her lunch.
She didn't like it as much as her 'Bullet Train Rice Balls' but she loved the alphabets on the sandwich. She would make-up songs using 'K.I.T.T.Y' and sang them to daddy when he came home from work in the evening.

Miffy Mini Sandwiches

I made these Miffy mini-sandwiches few days ago, and Hina told me that Miffy was feeling cold because she wasn't wearing anything.
So this time, I cut out a shirt using red cheddar cheese and I realise that Miffy does look better in clothes :)

Lion Circus

A fun way to start the first meal of the day.
Lion-Shaped Ham Sandwich, Cherry Tomatoes + Cheddar Cheese.

Tofu Bus Bento

Hina really liked the Toufu Train Salad I made 2 weeks ago.
So, this time, I made a Toufu Bus and added a sausage bun for her lunch.

Fresh Lettuce, Fried Bean Curd, Sausage, Cherry Tomato, Cheese, half a Quail Egg (cap on sausage) + Seaweed for faces

Tip: Simply pour boiling water over Fried Bean Curd to remove the excess oil on it.

Alphabet Breakfast

My daughter, Hina has been singing the ABC song for more than a year now. Since she knows almost all the alphabets, I thought it would be nice that she could recognise her name.

Wonder how many 'HINA' sandwiches I have to make before she could spell it out...

-Alphabet Balloons are bread with strawberry jam
-Red Umbrellas are fresh strawberries
- Butterfly is cheese, strawberry and a tiny bit of seaweed

Elmo Mini Sandwiches

It was the first day of my daughter's pre-kindergarten class and I wanted to make her something special.
She said she wanted sandwiches for lunch, so I got abit ambitious and tried out these Elmo mini sanwiches.  She was delighted and was humming 'Elmo Song' all the way home after her class (after she finished her lunch).

Sakura Everywhere

It is the time of the year where everyone in Japan will pack their lunchboxes and head to the park or somewhere along the river to enjoy the view of full-bloomed Cherry Blossoms (Sakura). They called it 'Hanami' in Japanese, which means 'watching the flowers'.

We went somewhere near Osaka Castle for a 'Hanami' bbq with our friends last year. Thought it wasn't very enviromental (the smoke is bad for the Sakura trees), so we planned for a pinic this year instead.

My impression of Spring is flowers blooming everywhere, so thought it'd be fun to make a 'Flowery Sandwich Bento'.

Peeping Bunny

I have seen this peeping bunny sandwich on a few bento blogs.
It is really creative and thought I should try it out to amuse my daughter.

Anpanman Sandwich Box

Everyone knows Anpanman in Japan. It has been here for years, both the young and old love this character.
My daughter, like most children here, is a big fan. She had chosen Anpanman's rigtheous partners Currypanman and Shokupanman for her lunch.
As her appetite increased tremendously after her cold, I added 3 quail eggs for her. The Little Bucket Bento Cups come in handy when using this foldable sandwich lunchbox.

My First Set of Cutters

Breakfast has always been the most important meal for me, so when my 2 years old daughter started losing her appetite, I tried all ways and means to encourage her to have her meal.
Nothing worked until I got these cute flower-shaped cutters.
The contents are the same but the result is certainly different.